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BELLE BLANCHE bridal fair

2020.11.6 >> 2021.3.31

Home wedding with afternoon tea

Belle Blanche bridal ring on the WEB during the period
For those who purchase 100,000 yen (excluding tax) or more
Present a home wedding produced by Belle Blanche
Come and relax with us
Please spend time changing rings
Home Wedding
Home wedding
What is a home wedding?
A style that was common in Japan in the past
I can't give a formula now
For couples who find it difficult to understand the milestones
Belle Blanche proposes in a modern form
Wedding Program
Wedding program
`` The shape of a wedding ceremony performed by two people alone''
Step 1.
おうち結婚式 Step1
Toast with champagne!

First of all, let's toast with champagne. Champagne is said to be auspicious because bubbles are generated one after another by pouring it. Ringing each other's glasses is a common wedding ritual when it comes to amulets.

Step 2.
Wedding vow

Next, let's share each vow. First, look at the eyes of the groom and then the bride and read the words of the oath. After reading, sign each other's names on your marriage certificate.

おうち結婚式 Step2
Step 3.
おうち結婚式 Step3
Wedding ring exchange

It's finally time to change the ring. By exchanging rings with each other, it means to swear eternal love. When the exchange is over, put your hands together and smile with a smile.

Step 4.
Wedding cake
Cut ceremony

Next is the cake sword. Put the knife in the two-tiered cake specially made by Belle Blanche. Please do the standard wedding cake cut at the wedding ceremony.

おうち結婚式 Step4
Step 5.
おうち結婚式 Step5
First byte

Let's feed each other the cut cakes. In Europe, it is one of the old customs at wedding ceremonies, and it is said that it means that you will not have trouble eating in your future life.

Step 6.

Let's understand each other better. Each card has its own question, so try to answer each one while imagining each other's answers.

おうち結婚式 Step6
Step 7.
おうち結婚式 Step7
Candle light

Let's light a candle. When the candles light up, turn off the lights in the room. The warm light will illuminate the future of the two of you.

Step 8.
Letter from the groom

Let's read the letter from the groom to the bride. I think it takes courage to put your thoughts into words, but please take this opportunity to write a letter.

おうち結婚式 Step8
Step 9.
おうち結婚式 Step9
Let's look at the Daruma

Let's open our left eye with a new determination at this moment when we both start.
Then, look back at the moment when you have a new family or the 10th anniversary of your marriage, and open your eyes on the other side.

Marble Surface
Wedding Present
Wedding gifts
`` Preparation for having a wedding at home''

Things to prepare for two people

Drinks for two toast

wedding ring

Letter from the groom to the bride


What to deliver

1. Afternoon tea set

A special afternoon tea set from "Ginger Garden AOYAMA" in Aoyama, delivered in a special Belbrand home wedding version.

Pop visuals such as Margaret's petit wedding cake are designed to be enjoyable with the eyes, and it is a set that you want to keep not only in your memory but also in your photos.

2. VOW

Designed by the proposal ring "Marry Me", VOW is a completely original product made by the studio that created the Bell Blanche ring.

3. Playing cards

The hard-to-cut (hard-to-mix) round playing cards are Belbrande originals made in the hope that the two will not be cut off.

4. Candle

Delivering a tealight candle with a slight vanilla scent along with a candle holder and cigar match. If left over, it can also be used as disaster goods.

5. Daruma

Created by imitating a Shirakawa Daruma doll as a groom and a bride. The cute design, which is easy to decorate as an interior, is an original limited to Belbrande.

6. Champagne glass

If you want to toast, champagne glasses. We have prepared disposable flute glasses that are easy to use but stylish and make you feel better.

7. Plate

WASARA, which overturns the image of conventional disposable tableware, is a paper container that reflects the sensibility unique to Japanese people. It fits naturally in your hand and makes even your actions look beautiful.

8. Ring case

Arita porcelain ring case made by Shigeyama Pottery with an impressive bell bra green. It is a cute macaron type that can be used as an accessory case if you take the inside cotton.

9. Flower crown

We have prepared a flower crown that is seamless and has the meaning of forever happiness so that it can be used as a part of costumes.

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