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Forged Ring

Forging ring

Belbrande's cast ring "Part of" is made by carefully selecting beautiful and elegant melee diamonds with the concept of "ultimately beautiful eternity ring".


The pinnacle of cut grade and colorless diamonds are extremely rare and valuable. You can choose full eternity or half eternity, and you can choose the width, setting, material, etc. according to your lifestyle.

It is said that the eternity ring cannot be resized, but we have made it possible to resize it by remaking it in the workshop so that you can wear it forever with peace of mind.


[Nail clasp]

It took a full two years to make a delicate eternity ring of less than 1.5mm. To make a diamond stone hole in a thin platinum ring and maintain the strength to withstand everyday life, only a limited factory in Japan that specializes in fine work can do it. A jury created by forging by pressing dozens of times with a weight of over 100 tons.


[Rail fastening]

We use thin rails to make it more enjoyable. Rail fastening is recommended for those who prefer a smooth feel without the ring getting caught. In addition, the elegant S-shape has been researched and made for a long time because the technique of processing a ring with a strong forging method into an S-shape is very difficult. Such craftsmanship is hidden in the elegant and flowing lines.

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