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For the highest quality beautiful diamonds

Pt950 with a beautiful white shine.

Started from platinum material

Belle Blanche.

Preference, nickel-free, etc.

Thinking about dealing with allergies

You can choose the material.

Hard platinum that shines forever

The materials that make up the ring

A precious metal with high purity and high hardness.

If you have a desired material such as Pt999, K24, etc.

Please ask the store staff.




For everyone

Belle Blanche's ring

At the atelier Belle Blanche

For people of any size

Custom size that can be attached

You can also make a ring.

Of general size gauge

Even more than Nos. 1 to 30

We have P5 (-4) to 40.

Some items cannot be manufactured due to manufacturing.

Please contact us for more information to staff.

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