Birth Stone


Garnet (Normal: red)

It has the meaning of enriching the mind, fruiting efforts, and deepening ties with loved ones.

[Choice of colors] ● Red purple ● Orange ● Yellow-green ● Green


Amethyst (normal: purplish red)

It is a stone that invites affection and exerts power in fulfilling romance, and it also has a healing effect, leading to peace.

[Choice of colors] None


Aquamarine (normal: light blue)

It is a symbol of the sea and has the meaning of life safety, happiness and health, and stability. The meaning of a happy marriage and a talisman for a happy family

[Choice of colors] ● Red (coral: round ball 3 ~ 3.5m)


Diamond (normal: transparent)

It is a symbol of mental and physical strength because it has the highest hardness on the earth. It has been a symbol of eternal love since modern times.

[Choice of colors] ● Peach ● Yellow ● Light blue (ice blue: coloring) ● Black ● Tea


Emerald (normal: green)

It is a symbol of peace and unchanging love. It is also said to have the effect of beautifying the body, enhancing intelligence and memory, and enriching affection.

[Choice of colors] ● Blue purple ● White (Jade: Under investigation)


Moonstone (normal: milky white)

It is said to have the effect of deepening relationships with lovers and attracting encounters. It is also believed to enhance intuition and sensitivity.

[Choice of colors] ● White (Freshwater pearl or Japanese pearl = Japanese pearl takes time. The size will be around 3mm and the price will increase )


Ruby (normal: red)

A stone that is considered to be a symbol of passion and affection. It is said to have the effect of enhancing romance and work luck, and is said to lead to success.

[Choice of colors] None


Peridot (normal: yellow-green)

It is also considered a symbol of peace, hope, and happiness, and is said to have a healing effect. It also has the meaning of improving relationships

[Choice of colors] None


Sapphire (normal: blue)

It is regarded as a stone of wisdom and reason, and has the meaning of maintaining a healthy relationship between couples and lovers. It also has the meaning of charity and keeps you feeling pure and kind.

[Choice of colors] ● Peach ● Orange ● Yellow ● Green ● Transparent


Tourmaline (normal: pink)

It is a stone that symbolizes beauty, and especially pink ones are thought to have the effect of enhancing romance.

[Choice of colors] ● Red purple ● Green (opal: cabochon 2.5mm)


Topaz (normal: dark blue)

A stone that is thought to bring hope for the future. It is a symbol of hope, intellect, friendship, and fraternity.

[Choice of colors] ● Orange ● Transparent (Imperial : 3mm) ● Light blue


Tanzanite (normal: bluish purple)

It has calm, noble, proud people, and mysterious words, and it is said that wearing it will increase the charm, improve intelligence and calm the mind.

[Choice of colors] ● Light blue (turquoise: cabochon 2.5mm) ● Blue (lapis lazuli: cut 2mm)