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"Manufacturing in the atelier"

It ’s the spirit that lives on at the root of Belle Blanche .

Each ring

Pass it through your finger and it will be completed for the first time.

The comfort of each person

To your liking

I don't want to say "I can't"

At your fingertips

I want you to shine with you

In the atelier today

I am seriously facing the ring.


1 Matte

The surface of the ring is matte. You can change the image with a feeling of texture.


2 plating

The ring is plated. Rhodium is applied to WG products to finish them in Pt color.


3 Making bullion

For example, Pt950 is made by mixing Pd1000 and Pt1000, and all the bullions necessary for processing are made.


4 molding

Gradually shape the bullion and use a ring or pendant top.


5 Round line production

Wire-like parts used for nails that fasten stones = round wires are made from bare metal.


6 Special tool for round wire

Make round lines of various thicknesses according to the design specifications. Pass through the hole to finish the thickness evenly.


7 Stone clasp

Even if the mechanization progresses one by one, stone fastening is one of the tasks that can only be done by human hands.


8 Setting to the stamping machine

Fit it in a round mold, fix it firmly, and put it in the stamping machine.


9 Laser engraving

Engraved initials and anniversaries of the two. It also gives you an original engraving.


10 Laser welding

Co-welding, which welds while melting the metal between the base materials, fills deep scratches, repairs, and resizes.


11 Diamond Appraisal

We may arrange and produce jewelry that you bring. We also appraise diamonds so that you can rest assured.


12 CAD design

Belbrande with a delicate design. I am designing by making full use of CAD.

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