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Two important rings

With a new start

The relationship with Belle Blanche will also start

I want you to keep shining at your fingertips forever.

I would like you to send me an important time together.

From that feeling

At the atelier Belle Blanche

After solid consulting in the store

Carefully tailored to each person

We will do after-sales maintenance.

After-sales maintenance is possible

It is also the joy of Belle Blanche.



Belbrande will resize the ring up to 3 times free of charge in consideration of metal fatigue of the ring . For those who do not want to cut the ring for the 4th time, a large resize, or a resize, we will also guide you to remake (charged). * Silver material can be resized only once for free.



Dullness and dirt can be removed by cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner

I will drop it. It will take about 10 minutes at the store.

Ideally, once a season. Near you

Please feel free to drop by when you come.



We will repair the distortion of the ring. The ring is from the inside

It is said to be weak against power. Therefore, it is strong in daily life

Distortion little by little due to repeated pressure application

I will continue. If you feel a change in comfort, stand up

Please drop in.


Stone movement repair

Check the wobbling of the stone set on the ring,


If you feel a stone stuck in your daily life,

Please contact us. Prevents stones from falling and wears with confidence

You can.


Re-polishing the ring, surface processing

Small scratches due to aging are a proof of their time

That is also attractive, but reflation at milestones etc.

If you want to change the glossiness or when you wash it, re-polish it.

We will process the surface.


Dropped melee diamond

Initial failure within 3 years and drop of melee diamond in daily use

We will keep it free of charge.

We will inform you for a fee after the 4th year.


Jewelery that you often use in your daily life

We recommend that you bring it for inspection once every six months.


After using the jewelry, wipe off sweat with a soft cloth.

Please keep each one in small pieces, avoiding contact with hard objects as much as possible.

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