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Functionality / durability and design

And co-starring with technology.

Eternity ring

With traditional forging methods for those who wear it every day

Those who value the brilliance of diamonds,

For those who want to customize

We made two types of forging methods,

To suit your lifestyle

I am trying to make you choose.

The embedding of the mill strike and diamond

Horidome craftsmen, not machines

I guess it is done by hand.

It fastens the diamond

The nails get smaller,

Durability is also high.

Than the diamond itself

It looks beautiful and shining.

Belblanche's delicate and beautiful

Ring makes use of design

It is made by craftsmen with the best technology .

For a long time, to have you wear it with confidence

Value functionality and durability

We are working on manufacturing.


Durability / forging method

Made on a delicate ring

The diamond is fastened

Traditional forging method.

With a weight of over 100 tons

It is made by pressing dozens of times.

A special ring that took two years to develop.



To the size of each diamond

A technique that uses chisel to carve the surface of the ring so as to leave the bare metal of the nail part, and uses miru chisel to hold the nail round and stop it.

Because it can be stopped with a small nail

Diamonds stand out more.


Claw clasp

To take advantage of the size of the stone

Often used for engagement rings.

Equalize all nail sizes,

Craftsmanship is required to fasten without creating a gap between the stone and the nail.


Functionality, inner instep round finish

The roundness inside the ring is also handmade by craftsmen.

Comfortable to wear in everyday life

You can spend it comfortably.

We also paid particular attention to the beauty of the roundness.



Milgrain = also called a thousand grains.

It is a decorative technique found in antique jewelry .

It is not made uniformly by machine or mold, but is made by hand by craftsmen one by one.


Macaron setting

Ring closure + milling

Ring-covering is a method of covering the jewel by pressing the stone frame with a chisel.

At Belle Blanche, an original technique that also performs milling.

Hard to get caught in clothes, etc.

It is a sturdy fastening method that prevents the stones from coming off.

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