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マーガレット トップ画像





​Solitaire Ring


Diaman ring.jpg

Diaman Ring


Fleur ring.jpg

Fleur Ring



Langage des Marguerite

Margaret of the language of flowers

Margaret's flower, which is said to have been loved by Marie Antoinette, is said to have its origin in "Margarites", which means "pearl" in Greek because of its neat white flower. The flower language has words such as "true love" and "trust" that are perfect for pure and beautifully blooming Margaret.

Histoire rete de naissancesec

Margaret Story


The ring, which looks like a marguerite corolla, was inspired by the desire to design innocent and pretty flowers as they are, and was created by running the brush as you wish.


I carefully drew it using CAD technology to express the delicate design of each petal.


In order to prevent each flower from coming off, we made a special structure with a corner on the ring, put a marguerite flower on it, and then hit it to fasten it like a nail. The craftsmen carefully fasten the corners so that they have a beautiful silhouette. The design is that the horn itself is an inflorescence, and the technology and design are expressed in one.


Ruby is set inside the ring. The claws are designed and fastened so that they have 6 legs. When I saw a ladybug designed on the gate of Ivy, I wanted to incorporate a lovely and beautiful shape into the ring of Margaret, so I put a cabochon-cut ladybug inside the ring. Ladybugs are also said to be the incarnation of Maria.


The solitaire ring and pairing are cute and beautiful, and the design is made like a margaret blooming on your fingers. A combination ring with a beautiful silhouette when viewed from a distance. A ring with delicate petals and a three-dimensional shape when viewed from a close distance.

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