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― Heart Shaped Diamond ―

Fasten the heart-shaped diamonds

Expressed eternal love.

Belle Blanche's heart shape

Beautiful vertical and horizontal balance that fits in a square

Carefully selected elegantly balanced cuts

It is selected and set.


1. About heart shape

Heart shape cut born in New York. Engagement rings are basically square in Japan, but overseas, fancy shapes such as hearts that make use of the shape of diamonds are popular.


2. Commitment to diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds are born only from diamonds for which the heart shape is optimally selected, saying that "a heart can be seen in this rough stone" considering all factors such as the thickness of the rough stone and the position of inclusions.


3. Sophisticated cutting technology

A heart-shaped diamond that is cut and polished by highly skilled craftsmen. Belbrande's Coeur series is a ring of the highest quality with high design and message, with only beautiful stones that are high quality and transparent.

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