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Marry Me!

Stone color

・ White (transparent) type

・ Pink (* Internet limited color)

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January 4th shipping is the shortest for the beginning of the year.

We will resize once for free.
If you do not know the size, we recommend ordering a larger one.

[Proposal ring] is finally here from BELLE BLANCHE!

[Proposal ring] is the third ring after "engagement ring" and "marriage ring".

* I don't know the taste and size of women.

* I want to choose an engagement ring together.

* I want to propose soon.

* I want to propose at my travel destination.

* I want to give it to her at a long distance as a serious matter.

The man who proposes is full of anxiety.

The proposal ring was born to meet the demands of such men.

I thought of it, but it was a good day proposal.

Since there are 5 to 18 in stock, it is popular that it can be handled on the same day.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us.

Marry Me is made of silver and cubic zirconia, so it's easy on your wallet, and you don't have to worry about taking it with you on a trip or sending it by courier.

The special case is also thin and fits in your chest pocket. When you open it when you hand it over, the polo pose itself is expressed in a ring with the words "Will you" on the back of the case and the words "Marriy Me" on the side.
And since the word of consent from the woman "Yes" is also engraved on the front of the stone, there is no need to worry about receiving a reply.

Why don't you leave a proposal that will be a memory of your life with such Marry Me!
And, the engagement ring is a memory of a lifetime by sharing time with two people from the place to choose.

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Marry Me

  • Product number: MaM / R01

    Material: SV925

    Stone: Cubic zirconia (approx. 7.0 mm)

    Ring width: Approximately 2.6mm

    A playful design with Marry Me's design on the shank (arm) of the ring. The answer to the proposal is "Yes" engraved on the center's cubic zirconia. Confine the moment when the two are tied in a ring.

    * The listed price includes 10% consumption tax.

average rating is 3 out of 5


average rating is 3 out of 5