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Triple excellent

Beautiful CUT

トリプルエクセレント (1).jpg

Comprehensive evaluation of cuts

カットの総合評価 (1).jpg

Triple Excellent (3EX)


プロポーション (1).jpg

Diamonds with good proportions reflect light perfectly without leaking and shine beautifully and strongly. At Belbrande, we are particular about 53-58% of the table surface, and we deliver elegant, beautiful and white brilliant diamonds that Japanese people like with a good balance.

プロポーション3 (1).jpg
ポリッシュ (1).jpg

The state of polishing is inspected in detail such as polish line (PL), scratch (S), and baredet girdle (BG), and only diamonds that do not impair brilliance are selected.

ダイア (2).jpg
シンメトリー (1).jpg

Eight hearts and arrows appear when you look through the special scope as a proof of symmetry that is symmetrical . This shows that the diamond light is reflected in a well-balanced manner and is said to be a proof of excellent cut.

シンメトリー2 (1).jpg
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