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Platinum / Side White ¥ 198,000

Platinum / Side Pink ¥ 217,800 (Inquiry required)

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Queen of the summer night sky. A pure white star "Vega" that shines exceptionally beautifully.

A first-class star shining in the center of the night sky. The appearance of the queen reigning is expressed in a symmetric and flowing manner with moderate side melee.

The shank has an edgy design that resembles the twinkling of stars, and the center has a reflective chaton that maximizes the brilliance of diamonds so as not to lose the strong brilliance of "Vega".

The design is simple and has a strong presence, and also has feminine elegance.


  • Product number: BEG / R129

    Material: Pt950

    Stone: diamond

    Quality: 0.20 ~ 0.22ct, F color,

    VS2,3 Excellent (H & C)

    Mele Diamond: Total 0.06ct

    Ring width: Approximately 2.0 mm

    For online products, the color and grade are fixed. This product comes with an appraisal certificate from an appraisal agency (Central Gemological Institute, DGL, AGT, or GIA).

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    * Price includes 10% consumption tax.

average rating is 3 out of 5


average rating is 3 out of 5


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