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Margaret solitaire ring

Birthstone series

Emerald (May) Ruby (July) Sapphire (September)

¥ 163,900
other than that

¥ 157,300

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Margaret Solitaire Mom Ring Page

You can choose your own or your child's birthstone at the solitaire center.

The pretty and hard-blooming marguerite flowers are carefully drawn one by one.

A beautiful diamond shines in the center of the flower.

Flower language is pure and beautifully blooming margaret such as "true love" and "trust"

I have the right words.

Inside the ring is a ladybugs, also known as Maria's incarnation.

The cabochon-cut ruby is fastened with claws that look like six legs.

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Solitaire Ring Pt950BirthdayStone

  • Material: Pt950

    Stone: Birthstone about 3mm

    January ... Garnet (red)

    February ... Amethyst (purple)

    March ... Aquamarine (light blue)

    April ... Diamond (transparent) * Dedicated page available

    May ... Emerald (green)

    June ... Blue moonstone (milky white)

    July ... Ruby (red)

    August ... Peridot (yellowish green)

    September ... Sapphire (blue)

    October ... Pink Tourmaline (Pink)

    November ... Blue topaz (light blue)

    December ... Tanzanite (blue purple)

    (Inside: Cabochon Ruby)

    Ring width: Approximately 3.5mm

    * Price includes 10% consumption tax.

average rating is 3 out of 5


average rating is 3 out of 5


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