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Gran (Rose cut diamond approx. 3.5 mm)

Platinum ¥ 64,900

Gold ¥ 61,600

Petit (rose cut diamond approx. 2.1 mm)

Platinum ¥ 39,600

Gold ¥ 35,200

A rose cut that is said to be a fresh glow that the buds of white roses with water droplets reflect light and emit.

Developed in the candle era at the end of the 16th century, Rosecut is a unique piece of jewelery with an antique feel and a subdued gentle light.

Since the cut shape is very thin, it is not thick and is suitable for everyday jewelry.

In addition, since the stones can be seen through, it is a jewelry that makes the best use of its characteristics and can be set with a frame of only the loose edge to enjoy the purity and transparency of diamonds.

rose cut / rose cut chain ring