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Darson Rose Necklace

Platinum ¥ 91,300

Yellow gold ¥ 68,200

Pink gold ¥ 68,200

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The fashion line of the bridal line bouquet "Darson Rose". Darzen Rose is a romantic European custom that you can be happy by giving a dozen (12) bouquets to your lover. Twelve flowers symbolize "gratitude, honesty, happiness, trust, hope, affection, passion, truth, respect, glory, effort, and eternity."

The necklace is a large rose flower with a strong presence. In the center, one diamond and a diamond reminiscent of morning dew are set in the upper right of the front to express a glossy diamond.

In the bouquet series necklace, the plate can (the metal fitting for attaching the necklace) is in the shape of a leaf, and the back side when attached is also designed.

Dozen Rose Necklace