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Flower crown

“Flower Crown”

I planted flowers all around

Baby ring of "Hanakanmuri"


■ What is a flower crown?

"Hanakanmuri", which is also worn by European brides, means that the flower crown is seamless and happiness lasts forever.

I designed the baby ring of Hanakanmuri with the feelings of my mother so that my beloved baby can live happily forever .

■ What is a baby ring?

It's a small ring that fits in your baby's finger.

As give the baby was born Memorial, has been attracting attention as the anniversary jewelry that give the hope that the "charm jewelry to be worn," "happy to grow up quickly and healthily".


- Ring Collection -

マーガレット ベビーリング

Flower language: "trust" "love hidden in the heart"

Marguerite flowers that bloom pretty and hard

Belle Blanche's popular model for baby rings

紫陽花 ベビーリング

Flower language: "Patience" "Family ties"

The hydrangea family, where small flowers gather to form a large circle, represents the ties and deep love

ダーズンローズ ベビーリング

Flower language: "love", "gratitude", "gentle heart"

Rose flower that symbolizes love in the world A ring that imaged a bouquet of roses for you

月桂樹 ベビーリング

Flower language: "Victory" "Glory" "Bright future"

Laurel crown, which is also the origin of the corolla made to honor the winner Wishing for a bright future for children

- Flower crown details -

About flower crown


"Flower crown in a ring"

A long time ago in Greece, "Hanakanmuri" was made from laurel leaves. Naturally scented flowers are sacred, a symbol of glory and dedicated to the heads of the Olympic winners. Instead of having a wedding bouquet, European brides put "flower crowns" on them because they mean "forever and continually" without any breaks.

I made a ring with the hope that happiness will last forever.


"Birthstone in the center"

We will keep your child's birthstone in the center loose.

Each birthstone has its own meaning, and since ancient times it has been carefully considered as a talisman that supports life .

* Click here for non-applicable stones blog link


"I will convey my feelings with a stamp"

We will enter 15-letter words such as your child's name, weight of birth, birthday, etc. for free.

Because it is a very small ring, the number of characters is small, but the time to think is also a happy time.


"We will make it in child size"

We will decide the size in your own order and create a ring gauge for babies, commonly known as a baby gauge. It is possible to order according to the size of the child at the timing of giving, such as visiting the palace, starting eating, half-birthday or 1st birthday. You can actually put it on your finger and take a commemorative photo to enjoy your child's growth at a later date.

* Baby gauges are available free of charge.
Click here to apply

“Photos sent by the person who actually purchased the product”

- How to enjoy baby ring -

How to enjoy a baby ring



Until her 20th birthday, her mother will use it as a pendant as a talisman. You can always be considerate of your child by making it a pendant that you can wear to choose the situation. If you tell your child who has grown up and grown up an episode of baby ring, you will surely feel hot and happy.

Matching rings / pairing

Belle Blanche was originally a jewelry brand. You can also make a bouquet ring for mothers that matches the baby ring. Don't you think it's so nice to have a ring for your first match with your baby?

おそろいのリング(Matching Ring)

Remodeling / Remodeling of the ring

On your 20th birthday, we will remodel the baby ring and give it as an adult ring! It is also possible to change the design to a different shape so that even boys can wear it. Engrave your name, date of birth, height and weight at birth on the inside of the ring to make it the only memorable ring in the world!

Remodeled been Testimonials

Timing / Timing to give

Half-birthday, 1-year-old birthday,

For mom and baby's first birthday

・ For the celebration of 100 days and the celebration of Shichigosan

・ To commemorate becoming a mom

・ For the celebration of childbirth to loved ones

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