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Global Diamond Evaluation Criteria


Belbra Carat is big

Carat, the unit of weight for diamonds. 1ct is 0.2g. Since it is a unit of weight, it is evaluated as an accurate numerical value without any room for human judgment. Belle Blanche offers a wide range of products from 0.1ct to meet a wide range of needs.

カラット数 (1).jpg

The larger the carat number, the larger the appearance, and the higher the rarity and value.

Velbra Color is white <colorless>

The color that is the standard for the color of diamonds. Colorless D is the highest peak, and it is evaluated in 23 stages up to pale yellowish Z. Belle Blanche diamonds are said to be beautiful because we have selected only colorless DEF, which is not ashamed of the name "Belle Blanche = beautiful white".

カラー (1).jpg
stone (1).jpg

Diamond is mainly composed of carbon. Diamonds that contain a large amount of nitrogen are yellowish. Colorless diamonds that allow light to pass through will be highly evaluated.

Belbra Clarity is high clarity

Clarity that represents the transparency of diamonds. The surface condition and internal features of the diamond are inspected using a 10x magnifying glass and evaluated on an 11-point scale. At Belle Blanche, only SI₁up class is selected from FL. It boasts a high degree of transparency because it does not select black inclusions that stand out among the inclusions that are proof of nature and inclusions that stand out in places that stand out.

クラリティ (1).jpg

Velbra Cut is total internal reflection

A cut that greatly affects the brilliance of diamonds. Cuts are finely evaluated by polish symmetry in addition to proportions. At Belle Blanche, we select only the highest rated triple excellent diamonds, which are 3 items excellent.

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